Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Soy-Tan Dream Cutlets

The "Soy-Tan Dream Cutlets" (p. 294) caught my eye almost immediately the first time I started browsing through this book.  Robertson describes them as a vegan cutlet that's not too chewy, and not too soft - just right, and something that has long been a dream of hers.  Mine too!  I love the way many of her recipes combine the vital wheat gluten for the chew with softer ingredients such as tofu and/or beans and/or grains to add a bit of tenderness.  These cutlets basically consisted of tofu, vital wheat gluten, and seasoning, blended together, rolled out very thin, and pan fried.  The recipe instructs you to fry the cutlets in two tablespoons of oil.  I admit, I was tempted to add just a little bit of oil to my nonstick skillet, not because I was worried the cutlets would stick, but because I thought it might put a nice crispy coating on them.  But, I was steadfast to my challenge, and I'm really glad I was!  They browned up nicely, despite no added oil, and since I topped them with left over "Basic Brown Sauce" (see review above), it seemed less important to have any kind of crispy coating on them.

These cutlets tasted wonderful! They were spiced perfectly with garlic, onion, pepper, and paprika.  These cutlets were chewy!  I think for my tastes, even a little chewier than I would prefer, so I think next time I make them, I will use less vital wheat gluten and see what happens.  And I will make them again!  I think Ms. Robertson is definitely on to something using the gluten to create chewy and substantial meat substitutes, and avoiding the soy isolates so prominent in most commercial faux meats.

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