My Travel Blog

Many of you know that my husband and I are full time RV travelers, living in our 5th wheel trailer and seeing the country. We've been on the road since August 2007, and from the beginning I have been keeping a travel blog of our excursions. 

If you are interested in checking this out, you can see how we spent the first seven years here:

Our First Seven Years on The Road

The next leg of our journeys start in August 2014 and can be found here:

Continuing Journeys (August 2014 and on)


  1. I sure do miss seeing these recipes monthly!

  2. Awww, thanks! I know it's been several months since I've posted any recipes, and it looks like I've given it up, but I still might get back to this at some point. Life took a crazy turn, and my priorities got rearranged. But you never know, at some point I might take this back up! I really do appreciate you noticing, and taking the time to comment! :-)

  3. I miss your updates, too! I always reference your blog when I make a recipe in my Vegan Recipes Cookbook. Merry Christmas!

  4. Aww! Thanks sarahleone! Merry Christmas to you too! Maybe I'll get more ambitious in 2017, I haven't given up yet. :)