Purpose of Blog

The purpose of this blog is to test and review the recipes in Robin Robertson's book, "1000 Vegan Recipes" - with a twist!  As a longtime (struggling) vegan, and one who aspires to follow The McDougall Plan, I also try to cook without any added oils, and to use whole grains instead of processed grains.  This can often be a challenge, especially for a foodie like me!  So, when I purchased Robertson's book, I decided to formalize this challenge by taking each recipe, and to the best of my ability, make the necessary adjustments to prepare them without oil, and using only whole grains.

I do not presume to say I am improving upon the recipes in this book.  They all look perfectly delicious as written, and I'm certain there will be those occasions when I make no adjustments to the ingredients at all.  My attempt here is to "McDougallize" the recipes so that they conform to the dietary approach I have chosen, which I believe is the most health promoting for me.  And, I love a cooking challenge!

My plan is to work my way through "1000 Vegan Recipes" at no particular pace.  When I do make a recipe, I will take a picture of it, review it, and posts the results on this blog.  Hopefully this will be helpful for other McDougallers who are looking for ways to expand their culinary experiences, without giving up taste, flavor, texture, and just plain fun eating!  This book looks very promising for meeting all that criteria.

So, please be patient as I work my way through the recipes.  With so many recipes in one book, I could try one a day, and still take years to complete. I look forward to feedback, comments, and your own experiences.  Tips, hints, things that have worked for you, and things that haven't, are also very welcome. 

Come join me on this adventure!