Sunday, August 24, 2014

Lime-Cilantro Dressing

There is no end to what can go into a salad dressing, once you step outside the limited realm of Ranch/1000 Island/Italian/Blue Cheese. While these standard choices are good, especially when made vegan and healthy, there is so much more that can constitute a dressing or dip. Consider the case in point, "Lime-Cilantro Dressing" (page 103). This dressing was so good, I was using it on everything, including salad, steamed asparagus, wraps, as a topping for Mexican food, and putting a sour cream-like dollop on my chili. The base for this dressing is vegan yogurt, but since this can be hard to find, and it isn't always made with the purest ingredients, I opted to use homemade Tofu SourCream instead. Mixed into the yogurt (or sour cream) is fresh cilantro, fresh lime juice, a smidge of sugar, ground cumin, and cayenne. I also added a fresh clove of minced garlic, as it seemed to be begging for this, at least to someone like me who is kind of a garlic fanatic. I opted to pulse everything together in the blender to really infuse the flavors throughout, but the recipe just has you mixing all the ingredients together in a bowl. Although the notes mention this is best used on the same day it is made, I kept it around for a week with no deterioration of quality or flavor. Quite surprising to me, this recipe did not call for any added oil - a definite bonus!
Keeping it "McDougall Friendly" checklist:

ΓΌ     No changes necessary! J


  1. Hi Becky
    I know that some McDougallers would think of using soya yoghurt/tofu as a bit sinful, but I find such add variety sufficient to keep me on plan. I think I would try this with the yoghurt option which is easily sourced here. It would be a good one to offer to people who are used to eating more conventional foods, and a creamy dressing would be a treat from time to time, so thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Hi Jennifer! I agree, using a bit of soy yogurt or tofu sour cream to add variety and mouth satisfaction might be enough to encourage someone to stay on plan! Also, just recently (after making this dressing) I discovered a way to make soy yogurt at home using my Instant Pot. So easy! Add vegan starter to soymilk, culture at low temperatures for several hours, and end up with very pure soy yogurt that can be used as sour cream as well!