Friday, June 17, 2011

Marinated Mushroom Wraps

"Marinated Mushroom Wraps" (page 111) could quite possibly become an addiction for me, they were that good.  Mashed avocado spread on a tortilla, topped with layers of fresh spinach, marinated mushrooms, bell pepper, and tomato, all rolled up into a delectable wrap.  I learned something I never knew about mushrooms, and that is, when you marinate them as called for in this recipe, they shrink down just as if you sautéed them.  Honestly, I could have marinated a couple of pounds of the mushrooms just to have around for snacking.  The marinade calls for sesame oil (as well as soy sauce and lemon juice), but I used water instead and had excellent results.  It's hard to find oil-free, whole grain tortillas or wraps, but if you can, this dish can be totally McDougall friendly.


  1. Avocado triggers a migraine. Once I ended up in the ER thinking I was having a stroke. So when something calls for avocado or guacamole I use homemade hummus. I just went out and bought the book because your blog is so healthful and I am just learning to cook vegan. I said anonymous because I don't know what the other stuff is. Is a URL the same as an e mail address?


  2. Hi Dolores, and thanks for leaving such a nice comment on my blog! Wow, that is scary how avocado triggers such serious migraines in you, but hummus is a great alternative and would work good in these wraps. (A URL is a webpage address, different than an email. You can continue to post under annonymous if you want, your comments will still get to me.)