Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Close to Cottage Cheese

In my non-vegan days, I was a big fan of dairy cottage cheese, so whenever I see a vegan recipe for this old favorite, I am anxious to try it.  "Close to Cottage Cheese" (page 514) really does live up to its name, in appearance, texture, and taste. Made by mixing ½ pound crumbled tofu into ½ pound seasoned and puréed tofu, you end up with a delicious non-dairy version of "curds and whey".  The recipe calls for 2 teaspoons of oil, but I used a tablespoon of oil-free vegan mayonnaise instead, a perfect substitution. It is truly amazing how much this looks like its dairy counterpart, and how happy I am that it isn't!  I enjoyed this spread on a toasted bagel; scooped it up with baked oil-free tortillas chips; and ate it right out of a bowl.  You could use this any way you would use dairy cottage cheese.

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