Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Zucchini and Butter Bean Bisque

There are lots of people who swear they don't like lima beans, but I bet they never tried the "Zucchini and Butter Bean Bisque" (page 174).  This is an elegant soup!  The recipe says you can use fresh or frozen butter beans or lima beans.  All that was available when I went shopping for ingredients were frozen baby lima beans.  And, they were the perfect choice!  This soup is so easy, beguilingly easy.  Zucchini, onions, limas, cooked until tender with some seasoning, blended until smooth, with a dash of soy milk, and voila, you've got the perfect soup to start off any meal.  The pale green color is nice to look at, too.  All I did to keep the preparation within my guidelines was to omit the oil for sautéing the onions.  Believe me, you'll never miss it, this soup is already smooth and creamy without any added oil.

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