Friday, November 23, 2018

Nothin’ Fishy Nam Pla

Much to my delight, my husband is in charge of stir-frying in our house. About once a week he’ll pull out the wok, chop veggies like crazy, whip up some sauce or another, do his magic with the pile of assorted ingredients he’s amassed, and voilà, a delectable stir fry emerges, usually served over freshly cooked brown rice. In traditional Thai and Vietnamese cooking, fish sauce known as nam pla or nuoc mam is a popular ingredient. But never fear! Robin Robertson has provided us with “Nothin’ Fishy Nam Pla”, page 560, a vegan version of fish sauce. So easy to mix up, with ingredients you might already have handy. The base is lime juice and soy sauce, spiked with garlic, brown sugar, and kelp powder. So easy, and the sauce adds such a nice dimension to traditional stir fries gone vegan. There is no oil in this sauce, so no changes were necessary to keep this McDougall compliant.

Keeping it “McDougall Friendly” check list:
  • No changes necessary! J

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