Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Cream of Fennel Soup

Creamy soups rank high on my list of comfort foods (maybe I’ve mentioned that before!). There is something so completely satisfying about the mingled flavors of simple vegetables – one, two, or many! – that I never tire of the seemingly endless combinations of puréed soups. “Cream of Fennel Soup” (page 171) is especially nice if you are a fan of the sweet and delicate flavor of anise. This soup calls for the bulb and the fronds of fennel (the bulb cooked, the fronds used for garnish) allowing the flavors of both parts of the plant to shine through. Potato makes the soup thick, peas add a touch of green, and soymilk makes it creamy. With just a handful of other ingredients, this soup is simple, yet elegant and the perfect beginning to any meal. The oil called for to sauté the veggies can be skipped altogether; instead just use a little water, broth, or sherry.

Keeping it “McDougall Friendly” checklist:
  • Substitute the oil for sautéing the veggies with water, light vegetable broth, or sherry. 

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