Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Cran-Apple Oatmeal

I am always delighted when I come across a recipe that is McDougall friendly as written, which was the case with the "Cran-Apple Oatmeal" (page 521). Is there anything more delicious and healthy for breakfast than a steaming bowl of hot cooked oats infused with fruit? In this recipe, old-fashioned oats are cooked in a mixture of water, apple juice, cinnamon, and brown sugar until done, then fresh diced apples and dried cranberries are stirred into the cereal and left to thicken up for a few moments before serving. If you like your oatmeal creamy, rather than chewy, add the uncooked oats to the water/juice mixture before bringing to a boil, and set on the lowest heat, allowing the mixture to come to a gentle simmer very slowly. This is my preferred method for cooking old-fashioned oats, as it results in a very thick and creamy bowl of cereal.
"Keeping it McDougall Friendly" checklist:
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