Saturday, April 13, 2013

Red Bean Burritos

If you have cooked rice on hand, these "Red Bean Burritos" (page 128) can be put together in no time at all for a quick meal any time of day. This is an uncomplicated mix of sautéed onion and bell pepper, mixed with beans and rice, topped off with avocado and salsa, and wrapped into a warmed tortilla. Many of the recipes in this book incorporate a theme into the ingredients list. It might be color; it might be using a single food in more than one way (such as incorporating sesame seeds, sesame oil, and sesame tahini in the same dish). In this recipe, red is the theme with the inclusion of red bell peppers, red kidney beans, and red tomato salsa. (If you wanted to build on this, you could even use a red onion as well.) I opted to use corn tortillas instead of flour since I wasn't able to find any healthy flour tortillas at the time I made this dish, so my picture is a shot of what the mix looks like before scooping it up with pieces of warmed corn tortillas.
"Keeping it McDougall Friendly" checklist:
ü  Omit the olive oil when sautéing the onion and bell pepper. Use a nonstick skillet instead, and/or substitute water or broth for the oil.
ü  Opt for brown rice instead of white.
ü  Use oil free whole grain flour tortillas, or if unavailable, use corn tortillas.

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