Thursday, June 21, 2012

Spicy Tomato & White Bean Soup

"Spicy White Bean and Tomato Soup" (page 173) is tomato soup for grown-ups. If, like me, you grew up loving the stuff that came in the red and white can, this soup will please you even more. What makes this soup rise above the mundane is subtle heat from diced green chiles, creaminess from white beans, and an unexpected ingredient, peanut butter, which adds a layer of complexity and richness. You might think this soup would call for fresh tomatoes, but instead, flavorful canned crushed tomatoes are used. Sautéed onion is puréed with the tomatoes, chiles, beans, peanut butter, and broth, and a splash of fresh lime juice finishes things off. Minced fresh parsley added to each serving adds a bit of color and texture contrast. This soup makes a great starter dish at dinner, and is perfect alongside a sandwich for lunch (especially a vegan grilled cheese sandwich!).


  1. This makes me look forward to the fall. I'm definitely putting this on my list for when the weather decides to cool a bit. :)

  2. Hi CookingMama! Thanks for dropping by! :) Yes, this definitely a good dish for the cool weather that is just around the corner.