Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Vegan Eggs Benedict

"Vegan Eggs Benedict" (page 511) is fun food! It's also very delicious, and pretty to look at. Circles of tofu (tinted yellow with a bit of turmeric) stand in for the eggs and vegan Canadian bacon for the ham. Toasted English muffins are layered with a slice of tomato, a tofu circle, and a slice of Canadian bacon, smothered in Hollandaze Sauce (see review below), then topped off with a sprinkle of minced parsley for garnish. According to the recipe, you can get six "egg" circles out of a pound of tofu, but I was only able to get four without making the slices of tofu much too thin to work with. I did end up with some residual tofu pieces which I added to a soup dish later in the week. To keep this dish oil free, dry-fry the tofu and bacon in a nonstick skillet. Also, leave the margarine off the toasted English muffins - really, you won't even miss it with the rich flavor of the Hollandaze Sauce!

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