Saturday, March 31, 2012

Penne with White Beans, Red Chard, & Grape Tomatoes

Although the "Penne with White Beans, Red Chard, and Grape Tomatoes" (page 212) is written to be served as a warm main dish meal, I found I liked it better chilled, and served as a pasta salad. Sautéed garlic and chard, mixed with the beans and tomatoes are tossed with penne pasta and fresh basil. Since I omitted the two tablespoons of oil called for, I added a squeeze of fresh lemon for added moisture (and flavor). I had a small amount of penne and a small amount of corkscrew pasta left over in my pantry, so I used a combination of the two, for a total of about 7 ounces dry (as opposed to the 1 pound called for in the recipe). This amount of pasta was more than sufficient in this recipe - any more would have been too much pasta, not enough veggies, for my taste.

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