Saturday, February 4, 2012

Black Bean Soup with a Splash

"Black Bean Soup with a Splash" (page 159) is a simple purée of black beans, broth, and veggies, livened up with a splash of sherry.  The recipe suggests serving the sherry on the side in a cruet or shot glasses for a fun presentation, and to let each diner "splash" to their liking. I added the full amount directly into the soup, since it was just me and my husband enjoying this.  By leaving the tablespoon of oil out when sautéing the veggies, the entire recipe becomes McDougall friendly.  I like to prepare simple relishes to top puréed soups, so in addition to the suggested parsley, I diced up tomato and green onion as well. You may want to thin the soup down with a little extra broth if you find, like me, it came out too thick. This makes a delightful first course soup, or turn it into a meal by adding a salad and fresh whole grain bread.

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