Sunday, January 22, 2012

Chocolate-Almond Butter Truffles

If this book had a chapter for candy, then the "Chocolate-Almond Butter Truffles" (page 443) would surely belong there. This delightful dessert should be reserved for very special occasions, as rich as it is, but one truffle goes a long way to satisfy any sweet tooth craving. Not to mention a chocolate craving - there is a double dose here coming from melted vegan chocolate chips and cocoa powder, which is held together with creamy almond butter, and sweetened with confectioners sugar. The finished truffles are rolled in chopped toasted almonds, and refrigerated briefly to firm them up. Pure delicious decadence! The recipe uses a little soy milk in the mixture, and I found I needed to use a little more than called for to help hold the truffles together. It helps to moisten the formed truffles with a few drops of soymilk before rolling them in the almonds as well to allow the almonds to stick better.  And one last note, I almost ran out of almonds before I ran out of uncoated truffles, so you might want to add a couple of Tablespoons to the ½ cup called for.

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