Friday, December 2, 2011

Seitan & Potato Torta

"Seitan and Potato Torta" (page 315) is a layered casserole, and a perfect dish when warm-out-of-the-oven food is what you want.  Sautéed onion and spinach are mixed with sliced seitan and seasonings, then layered with sliced potatoes in either a deep or shallow casserole dish. The final layer is a sprinkle of vegan parmesan cheese, right before popping into the oven for around one hour.  This gives you plenty of time to prepare any other dish(es) you might be having with the torta, or to clean up from the preparation.  To keep this McDougall compliant, I omitted the oil both when sautéing the onion, and when called for to brush the layers of potatoes (here I used a little broth instead).  Leftovers where just as good the next day.

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