Friday, May 13, 2011

Fresh Tomato Salad

When tomatoes are at their peak, nothing can compare to "Fresh Tomato Salad" on page 65.  Simplicity of fresh ingredients is the key here, with Boston lettuce, sliced tomatoes, and freshly minced parsley and basil.  The dressing as written calls for minced garlic, olive oil, and vinegar.  I opted to sprinkle the minced garlic right onto each individual salad and top with just a teaspoon of very high quality balsamic vinegar.  What a summer treat, whenever you can manage it!


  1. I made this as part of the Summer menu (because if I see a menu plan, I must make it) and had it with the goddess dressing in the book - it was so amazing.

  2. Hi Susan! Just wanted to let you know that the last two comments you left on the Spanish Rice and the Winter Pasta Salad were deleted by Blogger during some site maintenance, and I can't get them back! :( They were out there for a minute, then gone...but I did at least get a chance to read them first!