Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Walnut-and-Cranberry-Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

If you ask me, the "Walnut-and-Cranberry-Stuffed Sweet Potatoes" (page 347) belongs in the dessert section.  Although found in the Main Dishes section (maybe it's the red onion?), this concoction is sweet enough and rich enough to qualify as a special after dinner treat.  Studded with walnuts and cranberries, and sweetened just slightly with pure maple syrup, this dish was already decadent enough, without including any of the olive oil (for sautéing the onions), the margarine used to combine the walnuts and cranberries, or optional walnut oil (to be drizzled on top of the finished product).  I left out both oils and the margarine, and didn't miss them a bit.  I didn't have the best of luck keeping the skins intact after baking the potatoes, so I just scooped everything into a bowl and mixed it altogether, and didn't worry about putting the mixture back into the oven to reheat.  So, I guess I should call my version "un-stuffed"!  Quite a treat, and would be good served at a Thanksgiving Day feast.


  1. I have't made any of the sweet sounding sweet potato recipes yet... they don't make me thing of dinner looking at them! I made a sweet noodle kugel from Vegan Planet once, which would have made a wonderful dessert but was just odd for the main course at dinner!

    My blog is
    It is not a 1000 Vegan Recipes only blog, but if you search for 1000 Vegan Recipes as a tag then all my posts will come up. I still have only blogged about half of what I have made (many photos sitting around waiting to be uploaded), I am slack! I suspect your blog will inspire me to get back to it more regularly so I can compare notes. :)

  2. Hi Susan! Thanks for the link to your awesome blog! What a great job you've done, and I see we've made several of the same soups from 1000 Vegan Recipes. :) I'm really looking forward to browsing through the rest of the recipes, photos and posts. And, your kitties are so cute!!