Wednesday, December 15, 2010

My Kinda Meat Loaf

"My Kinda Meat Loaf" (page 294) looked like it might be another opportunity to find a replacement for one of my comfort foods from the past.  It did not disappoint!  As the recipe notes say, it looks remarkably like a meat loaf (on the inside - on the outside it sort of reminded me of a loaf of bread - must be the gluten flour and oats!), and it was especially good topped with the "Mushroom Sauce" (see review below).  The basis for this faux meat loaf is tofu, oats, and vital wheat gluten, with the addition of walnuts and tahini, and seasonings.  It sounds rich and is no doubt a bit on the high fat side, but spread out over 12 slices, this becomes manageable at less than 1 ½ teaspoons of walnuts and ½ teaspoon tahini per slice.  Of course, it might be hard to keep your serving to just one slice, that's how good this loaf is! 

The two changes I made were omitting the oil when sautéing the onions, and not oiling the baking pan (I used a non-stick loaf pan); the rest of the ingredients and instructions were McDougall Plan friendly.  The recipe called for a 9" loaf pan, but I think my 8" pan would have been a better choice, as the loaf wasn't really big enough to fill up the larger pan.  You also had the option of just shaping the loaf free form on a baking sheet.  The leftovers heated up well the next day (I used a microwave).  Good for sandwiches too, and don't forget a little horseradish!


  1. Love your blog. The meatloaf looks delicious. Robin is awesome.

  2. Thank-you! Robin is awesome, isn't she? :)