Friday, April 11, 2014

Pan-Seared Seitan with Artichokes & Olives

"Pan-Seared Seitan with Artichokes & Olives" (page 309) is labeled with the "f" symbol, for "Fast Recipes", meaning it can be ready to serve in 30 minutes or less. For this recipe, that is true only if you have premade seitan (purchased or homemade) and Tofu Feta on hand. Otherwise, this takes a bit of advanced planning to have all the components ready to assemble. Browned seitan is combined with sautéed garlic, tomatoes, artichoke hearts, olives, and capers, and topped off with fresh parsley and (optional) Tofu Feta. I used the feta, since I had some in the fridge, and I thought it added a nice flavor layer to the dish. This recipe is another example of how versatile seitan is. This preparation offers pleasing textures and flavors, and is delicious served over brown rice.

Keeping it "McDougall Friendly" checklist:


ü Omit the oil when browning the seitan and veggies; instead use a nonstick skillet and/or use water, broth, or sherry as a sauté liquid.

ü     Use oil-free seitan.

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