Sunday, June 17, 2012

Golden Veggie Burger

Now on the 7th burger recipe in this book (out of 11), the "Golden Veggie Burgers" (page 121) follow a similar approach as the other 6 I've tried so far, that is, a mixture of different vegetables and/or beans, gluten flour, and spices. This particular mix combines yellow onion, yellow bell pepper, and garbanzo beans (providing another shade of "golden"). The ingredients are combined in a food processor, formed into patties, and fried in a skillet on the stove. Optionally, there are also instructions for baking them in the oven if you prefer. The burgers are served on buns with condiments of your choice, with the tempting suggestion to include a yellow tomato and mustard if you want to go for the monochrome look. These burgers are easy to assemble, and easy to make oil free. Simply omit the oil when sautéing the onion and bell pepper, and when frying them (use a nonstick skillet instead - or bake them!). One notable difference in these burgers that stood out from all the others I've made so far is the moisture content. These were quite moist, almost to the point of making it difficult to form the patties. All the other burger recipes I've tried so far were just the opposite, where I've had to add a little extra water or broth. But in the end, they were still delicious, and as usual, I got 6 burgers instead of 4, as I don't like my patties very thick.

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