Saturday, March 24, 2012

Soy Sausage Scramble

If you are a vegan, and have been missing the more traditional "sausage and eggs" type breakfast, you might find the "Soy Sausage Scramble" (page 507) to your liking. A simple dish to prepare, consisting of lightly seasoned tofu scrambled with any variety of soy sausage (or seitan) that appeals to you, along with a sautéed onion. I omitted the oil when sautéing the onion, and used an oil free sausage, so this was relatively low in fat. If you like a softer scrambled tofu, the silken variety works well, and is lower in fat then the firmer varieties. Serve this dish with toast or tortillas, and your favorite condiments (ketchup, salsa, BBQ sauce) on the side

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