Thursday, August 11, 2011

Country-Fried Tofu with Golden Gravy

The recipe for "Country-Fried Tofu with Golden Gravy" (page 285) includes, as one would expect, frying (cornstarch coated) pieces of tofu in oil until crisp and golden brown.  I put off making this delicious sounding recipe for quite some time, thinking there would be no way around using oil in the preparation.  But eventually I decided to give it a go in my non-stick skillet, without the oil, and even if it didn't crisp up, I was pretty confident it would still taste good, especially with the Golden Gravy spooned over it.  The experiment was a success!  Although I realize that frying the tofu would have yielded a crispy texture, the cutlets did manage to brown in my non-stick skillet and were quite delicious.  The Golden Gravy is more like a sauce than a gravy, a blended mixture of sautéed onion (leave out the oil here, too), garbanzo beans, flour, and seasonings.  I had to thin the sauce down quite a bit, as initially it was very thick.  There was plenty left over, too, which I served over boiled new potatoes on the side.

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