Thursday, June 30, 2011

Black Bean Burgers

The "Black Bean Burgers" (page 120) are my favorite of the burger recipes I've tried so far (four out of eleven total).  The recipe description of "dense and meaty" is fitting, as the burgers do have quite a resemblance to traditional hamburgers.  This no doubt pleases some, but maybe not others.  As for me, I was impressed with the texture and the taste.  Gluten flour gives the burgers chewiness, and the smoked paprika adds flavor complexity.  The instructions say to saut√© minced onion in a tablespoon of oil, and to use another two tablespoons for cooking the formed patties in a skillet.  I left out the oil in both cases, and had excellent results.  Put between a whole grain bun and loaded up with my favorite condiments, this is a veggie burger I will have on my menu regularly. Notes: You are supposed to get four burgers from the mix, but I ended up with six.  It probably depends on how thick or thin you prefer your patties. Also, I did end up having to add about 1/3 cup water to the mixture as it was being combined in the food processor, as it was very dry and not holding together. This has been the case in some of the other burger recipes as well.

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