Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Soba and Green Lentil Soup

It's probably my fault for making substitutions without knowing what to expect.  I thought I had soba noodles, but it turns out I had somen noodles.  But, I decided they might be enough alike that it wouldn't make a difference in the "Soba and Green Lentil Soup" (page 162).  All I know is that rather than a soup, and rather than a stew, I sort of ended up with a casserole.  Like I said…it was probably my own fault…!  However, this was a very tasty soup/casserole!  Along with the lentils and noodles, there is onion, carrot, garlic, crushed tomatoes and broth.  I omitted the oil for sautéing the vegetables, and that was the only change necessary to make this McDougall friendly.  I will try this again using soba noodles.  (Are somen noodles known for expanding to 10 times there original size and soaking up all the liquid they are exposed to?)

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