Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Penne with Chickpeas & Rosemary

Pasta is fast food, and when you are looking for something you can put together quickly from food you probably already have in the pantry, "Penne with Chickpeas & Rosemary" (page 210) will fill the bill. Just six ingredients (not counting salt and pepper), and dinner is on the table in about 30 minutes or less. I didn't have penne on hand when I decided to make this, but I did have ditalini, the small tubular pasta often used in pasta salads, and decided this would work fine. A sautéed and warmed concoction of rosemary (or any other fresh or dried herb if you're not a fan), garlic, diced tomatoes and chickpeas is added to the cooked pasta and that's about all there is to it.  

Keeping it "McDougall Friendly" checklist:

ü   Omit the olive oil when sautéing the garlic and herbs and use a bit of water or broth instead and/or a nonstick skillet.

ü   Use whole grain pasta.


  1. I think you made a better pasta choice than the original recipe! Very cute and tasty-looking. It's great that there are so many whole grain pasta shapes available nowadays.

    I've started putting rosemary into my regular pasta sauce this past year and am really liking it. This recipe sounds very tasty.

  2. Hi Daniell! I love ditalini pasta, the size and shape make for such a perfect "chew". And yes, it is wonderful having so many pastas available in various whole grains nowadays! Thanks for stopping by! :-)