Monday, January 27, 2014

Creamy Cucumber Dressing

Taking advantage of recipes using non-dairy yogurt is getting easier and easier, as this product becomes more readily available in even conventional markets across the country. Sometimes, though, it can still be difficult to find the non-flavored yogurt in the non-dairy variety, which happened to me when I decided to try the "Creamy Cucumber Dressing". After contemplating the recipe, I decided using vegan sour cream would be an acceptable substitute, and it turned out I was right! (If you want to make your own vegan sour cream, this book also has a recipe for that.) I was especially happy to see this dressing includes no added oil, always a bonus! This simple dressing consists of the yogurt (or sour cream), cucumber, a splash of lemon juice, and some herbs and spices (salt, cayenne, and parsley). I thought it was begging for a clove of garlic, so I threw that in as well.
Keeping it "McDougall Friendly" checklist:

  • No changes necessary if you can find oil-free yogurt, or use or make oil free sour cream.


  1. With the garlic it sounds just like tzatziki!

    1. Hi Ines! I know, right? That occurred to me as I changed the yogurt to sour cream, and added the garlic, which is probably why I ended up liking it so much, I *love* tzatziki! :-)

    2. Oh my gosh I love tzatziki too! Last time I had it (before we went vegan/McDougall) was at a friend's house who had lived her formative years in Greece! Let me tell you, it was delicious and I still think fondly of that meal she made us :)

      If this reminds you of tzatziki I will really have to try it on a special occasion with some hummus, tabouli and homemade pita bread. I have actually never tried the commercial vegan cream cheese/sour creams yet.

    3. I have never purchased commercial vegan cream cheese/sour cream yet, either, but I have had it in restaurants, and other people's homes. It's good, and some brands are better than others, but most are not healthy at all, usually containing palm oil and other questional ingredients.