Friday, November 23, 2012

Three-Alarm Potato Salad

Potatoes are high on my list of favorite foods, and I especially love potato salad. The "Three-Alarm Potato Salad" (page 68) is a slight variation on the traditional preparation, incorporating hot tomato salsa and minced fresh hot chilies to give it added zing. If you use oil-free vegan mayonnaise, there are no other changes necessary to keep this dish within McDougall guidelines. Minced onion, celery, and bell pepper provide a bit of texture (crunch), fresh parsley a bit of color, and an unusual addition, avocado, provides creaminess and also serves to offset the heat. I opted to peel the potatoes, although the recipe doesn't call for this, and I also opted to serve the avocado on the side, rather than incorporate it into the salad. (Since we weren't eating the salad in one sitting, and I thought the avocado might darken in the uneaten portion.) This is a fun twist on a time-honored favorite.

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