Sunday, October 14, 2012

Tahini-Lemon Sauce

I made the "Lemon Tahini Sauce" (page 558) specifically for the pita bread Falafel Sandwiches, and it was absolutely the perfect finishing touch for these pocket bread sandwiches. Made from tahini, fresh garlic, lemon juice, soy sauce, sesame oil, and parsley, the combination of flavors are vibrant and addictive. The recipe calls for 2 Tablespoons of sesame oil. I literally used about 2 drops of oil, probably less than ¼ teaspoon, just to intensify the sesame flavor a little bit. But the tahini already brings the sesame flavor to the mix, so not too much oil is really necessary, in fact, you could probably leave it out altogether and still have an awesome sauce. The tahini I used was quite thin compared to some other brands I've had in the past, but if you are using the thicker paste, the recipe allows for this by having you add a little water to the mixture to thin it down. The recipe suggests using this on any number of things - baked tofu, greens, rice and beans, even cooked noodles - and I plan to try them all!

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