Sunday, July 1, 2012

Vietnamese Po'Boys

"Vietnamese Po'Boys" (page 117) cleverly combines the idea of bahn mi, traditional Vietnamese sandwiches, with the Po'Boy sandwiches popular in the American South. "Soy Tan Dream Cutlets" (see review here) provide the "meat" for the sandwich, while the condiments (onion, carrot, cucumber, and cilantro) are borrowed from the Po'Boy concept. The dressing is vegan mayonnaise mixed with chili sauce and lime, adding wonderful warmth to each bite. If you like things even spicier, jalapeƱo slices are suggested as an optional addition to layer in. Baguette or sub rolls are the breads suggested, and I used sub rolls. I used a vegetable peeler to create long thin strips of carrot (which looks like cheese in the picture), much easier than shredding a carrot and less messy as well. To keep this McDougall friendly (oil free, and whole grain), do not use oil to brown the Cutlets, use oil-free vegan mayonnaise, and look for rolls made from whole grains. These sandwiches are hearty and delicious, and make a great summer meal, especially with "The Crunchy Sesame Slaw" (see review here) on the side.

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