Monday, May 21, 2012

Tempeh-Walnut "Chicken" Salad Wraps

I never get tired of sandwiches, and find myself enjoying them for lunch, dinner, and sometimes even breakfast. The recipe for "Tempeh-Walnut 'Chicken' Salad Wraps" (page 113) suggests using sliced bread or bagels as an option instead of a flatbread (wrap), and I chose to put this sumptuous filling on slices of sourdough bread. This almost reminded me of a Waldorf salad, with the inclusion of walnuts and celery, along with green onions, red bell pepper, and parsley, tossed together with steamed tempeh. The dressing was a blend of seasoned mayonnaise and Dijon mustard. Curly leaf lettuce adds a bit of green, and finishes the sandwich off quite nicely. Be sure to use an oil free vegan mayonnaise to keep this as healthy (and McDougall friendly) as possible.

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