Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Seitan Milanese with Panko & Lemon

"Seitan Milanese with Panko and Lemon" (page 308) is a quick and easy dish found in the Main Dishes section, but would also make a great appetizer or meal starter. The biggest challenge was figuring out how to prepare this without frying the seitan. Of course, anything can be baked instead of fried, but you won't end up with the same crispy golden crust obtained when you fry something.  In this recipe, chunks of seitan are breaded with seasoned panko crumbs, then pan fried (per the recipe), or, as I modified the recipe, baked (to omit the oil, yet retain the crumb topping). Instead of moistening the seitan chunks with water before breading, I used soymilk so they would brown a little better in the oven. Lemon wedges are served on the side to be used as desired once the seitan is cooked.  I also mixed up a cocktail style sauce, using ketchup and prepared horseradish, which made a wonderful dipping sauce. This is fun food!

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