Monday, July 25, 2011

Radiatore With Aurora Sauce

According to the recipe notes, the "aurora" in "Radiatore with Aurora Sauce" (page 196) is the name given to a tomato sauce that has been lightened with cream to a pink blush.  In this vegan version you are given the option of using vegan cream cheese or soft tofu in place of the traditional cream.  I chose to use soft tofu, which is puréed in the blender with a portion of the sauce.  The sauce consists of a can of crushed tomatoes seasoned with Italian spices.  To keep the sauce oil free, I did not sauté the green onion and garlic in oil, in fact, I just added them uncooked to the sauce prior to puréeing to keep the flavor more intense.  Even with that, I found this preparation a little plain.  The tofu mellowed out the tomato sauce to the point of almost being bland, but I was able to remedy that with the addition of red pepper flakes sprinkled on at the table.  As is usually the case, I cut back on the amount of pasta the recipe called for, from one pound to about 12 ounces, as I find that quantity of pasta too much for the amount of sauce.

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