Friday, May 6, 2011

Cajun Tofu Crunchies

Although the "Cajun Tofu Crunchies" (page 34) are found in the Appetizers and Snacks chapter, I served them as a dinner entrée, accompanied with baked beans and a green salad. These are very easy to prepare.  Moistened tofu is coated with Cajun seasoning, and baked until browned and firm.  Instead of coating the tofu slices in oil, I used soymilk, and instead of oiling the baking sheet, I lined it with parchment paper, thus keeping all added fat out of the recipe.  I found it easier to lay the moistened tofu strips on the baking sheet, sprinkle the seasonings over one side, turn, and repeat, rather than tossing the tofu with the spices in a bowl - I was afraid I would end up with crumbled tofu if I tried to throw everything together in that manner.  These were delicious!  They would also make an awesome sandwich filling, or diced into salad.