Friday, April 29, 2011

Mashed Potatoes and Greens

Two of my favorite foods, mashed potatoes and kale, come together in a most delicious way in "Mashed Potatoes and Greens" (page 374).  Three very simple ingredients - potatoes, kale, and green onions - make up the bulk of this dish, flavored with the most humble of our kitchen spices, salt and pepper. Although the recipe calls for a tablespoon of flax oil, and two tablespoons of margarine, I omitted this added fat and about 39 grams of fat.  A little more soymilk was needed when mashing the potatoes to make up for leaving out the oils, but no flavor was sacrificed.  What we didn't eat the first night, I made potato pancakes out of the next day, a great way to use up any kind of leftover mashed potato dish.

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