Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Cream of Artichoke Soup

The "Cream of Artichoke Soup" (page 176) is definitely a blue-ribbon soup.  Maybe because its winter, or maybe I just love soup, but I've yet to make a soup from this book I don't like.  This particular cream-of soup is rich, velvety, and complex without being complicated.  It's a snap to put together, calling for the frozen variety of artichoke hearts, a couple of shallots, a sprinkling of spices.  But the secret ingredient might just be the almond butter.  I've used tahini and peanut butter in soups, but this is the first time I used almond butter. Did I mention, this soup is heavenly?  I omitted the oil when sautéing the shallots, and that was the only change necessary to keep it McDougall friendly. The cooked and pureed soup is ladled into bowls and topped with toasted slivers of almonds and snipped chives.  I'm sorry I didn't make more!

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