Monday, November 22, 2010

Oh-My-Goddess Dressing

It's been hard for me to find more than a handful of vegan and oil free salad dressings that I really like.  Honestly, if I could accomplish this, I would probably have salad with every meal.  I've tried so many, from homemade to store bought, from the complex to just using a splash of vinegar or salsa.  Nothing has come close to satisfying me like my old fat-filled favorites, although I have found that tofu or nut based dressings come the closest.  So, I decided to try "Oh-My-Goddess Dressing" (page 99) because of the tahini and figured this would be a safe bet.  The dressing calls for ¼ olive oil, 25% of the total dressing (yields 1 cup), not an insignificant part of the recipe.  Leaving it out altogether worried me a little bit, but I decided to just substitute water for the oil, hoping the tahini would add enough fat to make the final outcome creamy and plenty rich. This worked out fine, and I really like the flavor of this dressing.  The herbs and garlic, plus the tanginess from the vinegar and lemon provide a burst of flavor, and the pale green color is typical of green goddess dressings.  All in all, a good everyday salad dressing.

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