Saturday, November 20, 2010

Broccoli with Black Beans and Walnuts

"Broccoli with Black Beans and Walnuts" (page 358) is in the Vegetable Side Dishes chapter, although it is suggested that it is hardy enough to serve as a main dish for two if served over rice or quinoa.  I chose to make this dish the center of our meal, but instead of serving it over a grain, I added a baked potato on the side, and this provided a substantial dinner for two.  The contrast of colors and textures alone make this an interesting and pretty dish.  The broccoli is steamed just long enough to be tender and to retain its bright green color, and then cooked briefly in a large skillet along with the beans, walnuts, garlic, and green onions.  I used broth instead of oil to sauté everything together, and in fact, added a little extra broth to the finished dish to make it a little saucier.  Both my husband and I thought this would benefit with the addition of a sauce, or more seasonings, but this was easily remedied at the table by adding our condiments of choice.  Tasty dish!   

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