Sunday, November 28, 2010

Autumn Medley Stew

After all the rich food over the several days of feasting on Thanksgiving fare, I was ready for something elemental and full of vegetables, just like the "Autumn Medley Stew" (page 261).  There were plenty of root vegetables, including a potato, carrot, parsnip and potato, along with butternut squash, cabbage, tomatoes, and seasoning.  Chunks of seitan, garbanzo beans and angel hair pasta added bulk and thickness, making this a complete meal in a bowl.  White wine added to the broth added a nice dimension, and all the flavors blended into a wonderfully warming meal on a cold autumn night.  I omitted the oil (used to sauté the onion), but I was unable to find any whole grain angel hair pasta. Since it was not the predominant ingredient in the recipe, I wasn't too concerned about making this concession.  I did end up using almost three additional cups of liquid above what the recipe called for. Some of this came from not draining the can of diced tomatoes (the recipe indicated they should be drained, but I thought that would be a waste of flavorful liquid that would taste good in the stew) and I added two more cups of broth as well.  Part of this is because I wanted this to be a little broth-ier than a traditional stew, but also because it didn't look to me like the pasta would cook in the amount of liquid in the stew when it was time to add it.  Another option would be to cook the pasta first.

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