Friday, August 19, 2011

Chopped Salad

This is the season for salads, and the "Chopped Salad" (page 56) makes the perfect light summer dinner, especially if you add any or all of the optional ingredients.  Not that there isn't enough going on without any additions, my goodness, this salad is brimming over with fresh vegetables!  The recipe starts with a combination of romaine and iceberg lettuce, but I opted to go with all romaine. To this you add chickpeas, tomatoes, cucumber, celery, carrot, olives, radishes, parsley, and avocado - just to get started!  If you go for the optional ingredients, you continue with bell peppers, artichoke hearts, baked tofu, and anything else that sounds good to you.  The salad is tossed together, and dressed with an Italian style vinaigrette, where I substituted light vegetable broth for the olive oil, with a smidge of guar gum to give it some body.

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