Friday, March 11, 2011

Pecan-Lentil Burgers

Even if I never make it through all 1000 recipes, I know for sure I will eventually try all eleven of the burger recipes.  I am always looking for veggie burger recipes, and the more I can find that do not rely on isolated soy protein, the happier I am.  Today I tried the "Pecan Lentil Burgers" on page 119.  A blended mixture of pecans, cooked lentils, vital wheat gluten (for a nice chewy texture), oats, breadcrumbs and seasonings, these burgers can be served on a bun with all the trimmings (as suggested in the recipe), or on their own as part of a dinner plate, topped with gravy, BBQ sauce, or ketchup.  The instructions call for sautéing the formed patties in olive oil, but I used a dry non-stick skillet with excellent results. I'm guessing you could bake them as well. This recipe will yield 4-6 burgers.  (I easily got six very delicious patties.)

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