Saturday, February 5, 2011

Roasted Lemon Asparagus with Pine Nuts

I love it when you end up with something left over (in this case, fresh asparagus), and find you have enough of everything else you need in the pantry to try a new recipe.  In this case, it was the "Roasted Lemon Asparagus with Pine Nuts" (page 356).  I've never roasted asparagus before because I was sure you would have to use oil.  Every recipe I've ever seen, including this one, calls for oil, and I just wasn't sure it would work without it.  But I decided to go ahead and try this using broth in place of the oil, and I'm pleased to report, the results were delicious!  Asparagus, pine nuts, and garlic are roasted in the oven, then splashed with fresh lemon juice, plus salt and pepper to taste.  I used smoke flavored sea salt which complimented the flavor from roasting very nicely.  No longer am I shying away from roasted asparagus!

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