Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Sesame-Orange Dressing

I pretty much love anything with tahini, so I knew right away I would like the "Sesame-Orange Dressing" (page 101) when browsing through the salad dressing section looking for ideas.  Even though the recipe calls for a tablespoon of sesame oil, I figured it wouldn't be missed since the basis of the dressing was creamy tahini.  The orange part of the mix comes from fresh juice, and the rest of the ingredients are soy sauce, vinegar, and cayenne.  The directions say to whip it together in a bowl, but I found I wasn't getting the consistency I wanted, so I put everything in the blender and ended up with a very smooth dressing.  I used only half the amount of both the soy sauce and the vinegar.  It seemed salty enough with that amount of soy, and neither my husband nor I like things too vinegary.  I added about 1/8 teaspoon of guar gum to help thicken it up.  This is a very rich and delicious dressing, and a little drizzled over greens goes a long way.

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